Impossible to reproduce WORLD CUP 2006 GERMANY



I noticed this as i was trying to get a real World Cup 2006 Experience using pro Evo 5 and superpatch 3.0
After playing the first round games i noticed that all subsequent matches were not in coherence with what expected from 2006 Germany Schedule.
this is due to the fact that konami matched up winners of groups a little different from the real world cup schedule.
of course you can tweak things to see Group A winners (Germany, Costa Rica,etc...) play against Group B winners (England, Paragauy, etc...) and so on, but there is no way to get the proper schedule since, if you pay close attention to how the Konami schedule continues, you will end up with "Group A Winner" VS. "Group A Second" in a semifinal match instead of the final, as of course would happen in Germany.
Minor Bug, but annoying... :)
is there a way to fix this hexediting the .exe?
a lot of great work has been done on this title, for example, LOD MIXER and KITSERVER..
so, Juce, any way to fix this little thing? :)


we need to twist things like these:

1) here is what we have from konami:

1 vs 6 3 vs 8 1 vs 6 3 vs 8 7 vs 4 5 vs 2 4 vs 7 2 vs 5
(1) (2)(1) (2)(2) (1)(2) (1) (2) (1)(2) (1)(2) (1)(2) (1)

2) these are the real matches in germany:

3) so what we need is at least to get to:

1 vs 6 3 vs 8 2 vs 5 4 vs 7 1 vs 6 3 vs 8 5 vs 2 7 vs 4
(1) (2)(1) (2)(2) (1)(2) (1) (2) (1)(2) (1)(2) (1)(2) (1)

hope i've explained ...:) and thanks for replying :)

i cannot post on soccergaming forum since my account has not been activated
so if you can contact Juce (since he's a master of tweaking) maybe we can figure out the situation :)


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30 October 2005
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The reason is because Konami is still using the world cup plan for 2002

In 2002, it was possible to play a team you played in the group stage in the semi-final (It actually happened with Brazil + Turkey)
This was because 1 side of the WC was held in Japan, and the other in Korea - so teams did not have to keep making trips between countries

In 2006, you cannot meet the same opponent until the final, which means that using the Socceraccess plan posted above, the world cup plays true until the semi-finals which will be different to real life


never noticed that :)
now we got the explanation for this world cup schedule :)

anyone who can work for a solution? (if possible)


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