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In great need of help! Can you have multiple option files?



Ok i am a newbie at PES 5 and my little brother wants to have an option file on the game but we don't know how to make another one! Please help me! I have spent 3 hrs already trying to figure it out and am getting very frustrated! If anyone knoews how to make another option file please say!!! thanks!

(btw this is my first post)


2 October 2005
Go to My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 5\Save\Folder1 and move KONAMI-WIN32PES5OPT into a different folder (say, with your name on it) and when your brother loads up the game it will create a new option file for him. So when you wanna play, copy your option into folder1 and when he wants to play, he can put his option file in folder1

Rename My Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 5\Save\Folder1 to FolderA (for instance - or you could use the first letter of your name) and create another folder called FolderB or whatever. Then make a copy of your PES5.exe in Program Files\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and label one with your name and other with your brothers name. Then open up your exe with a hex-editor. Search for 'folder1' and when you find it, just replace the '1' with whatever letter you renamed the save folder to. Save, and exit. Do the same with the other exe, renaming '1' to whatever letter the other save folder was called. Then, make sure there are shortcuts for both versions on the desktop or start menu or wherever, and you're done!
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