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World Cup Winner
9 May 2003
Man who killed Escobar freed early
Associated Press

BOGOTA, Colombia -- A judge ordered the early release of the man who killed Colombian soccer star Andres Escobar for scoring an own-goal in the 1994 World Cup loss to the United States.

Humberto Munoz was freed Thursday after serving 11 years of a 43-year sentence. The judge on Wednesday cited Munoz's good behavior and study habits in prison. The name of the Medellin judge was not released by justice officials because of security concerns.

"Frankly, there is no justice in Colombia," Escobar's father, Dario, told local radio. "For me, Colombian justice is a deception. It deceived the country and our family by saying he (Munoz) would be put behind bars for 43 years, and now this murderer is free."

Munoz shot Escobar on July 2, 1994, in the parking lot of a Medellin nightclub, days after the player accidentally kicked the ball into his own net. The U.S. won the first-round game 2-1, eliminating Colombia from the World Cup.

Thousands turned out for Escobar's funeral, including then-President Cesar Gaviria, who said the player was the victim of "absurd violence" afflicting the country. Colombian players continue to be targeted by threats. At least two former professional players have been killed in the past three years.


13 May 2003
Man Utd
what can i say Colombia is just crazy you know what im not surprised by this, 43 years and he serves 11 before being released, i feel sorry for escobars family.


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
This happens all the time in Belgium too...quite a lot of murderers are free after 10 or 15 years...not typically Colombian...
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