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IRC WE/PES Chatroom - It's Back


Nanny Nanny Boo Boo
22 March 2003
Well it never went away, but a new WE release seems to make it popular for some reason. Anyway it's #evolounge on Quakenet or click here - irc://uk.quakenet.org/evolounge

Babs made a guide if you don't know what I'm talking about...

For anyone new to IRC, head over to mirc.com and get what is probably the most popular and easy to use client. For those who want something a bit more complete and perhaps pretty looking, head over to nnscript.de and there's a nice script there that fancies things up a bit (and is still based on mIRC). Once you install mIRC choose file > options and enter your preferred nickname, and pick Quakenet from the dropdown list of servers in the 'connect' part of options. Once you connect, just type /join #evolounge and feel free to ask any questions from there, or reply to this. I have no problems with helping people who aren't sure how to do it.

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4



I used to be on IRC 24/7 (EFNet, IRCNet and DALNet). Used to own unix shells too. What I can tell you is IRC is very unsecured these days as everyone can see your IP address and easily try to damage your machine by dossing you (Denial of Service Attack) or other attacks..caused by script kiddies etc.. even a good firewall / router won`t help you. Unless the server is owned from someone who can be trusted or a public network that doesn`t show the IP address / host name then you`re good.


2 August 2004
lol Diggi funny thing is i've had IRC for a year now but still a total newb.. dunno how to do anything with it.. just go on evolounge sometimes to talk to wolvesfan, reefur and other guys.


Well bro, once you`re in there you gotta be really careful.. there is some people that just want to start sh!t with you for no good reason, especially when it comes to DDOSING.. (Denial of Service) they will try to boot you from the internet and most of the time you will get disconnected even with a simple smurf attack.

I don`t know if you have any friends on IRC that own psyBNC it`s a bouncer where you log on to and he records your away messages for you, he`s there in the channel 24/7 and the best thing he masks your real host name.

If you want to avoid all this trouble simply stay away from open host networks.. meaning when you connect they show your real host name...

PLF@1454.125.comcast.au.ca - this i.e would be your real host name..so all a hacker has to do is scan the hostname it will give him your IP address..

PLF@124.15.Evo-Web.co.uk - this is when its masked. and when you`re safe..


Just thought I'd respond to Diggi's scaremongering about quakenet and IP addresses. Quakenet supports masking of host, so you can easily connect without showing your IP.

For those who want to know how to (and in fact to find out more about IRC and quakenet in general) have a look here to learn how to mask your host on quakenet.

Quakenet on the whole though is much better policed than some of the larger networks.

Connect, chat, have fun - but please please don't just join to beg for WE9 warez links, you won't make any friends ;)

super denis

wow..congrads babs... if you didn`t know I have an IRCOP status on QUAKENET, EFNET and IRCNet :-)

super denis

babs: forget all this.. are you willing to play some 1 on 1 :).. I will even shut down my router and other firewalls I have..how about this.. I will even give you an admin status on my shell or even enable you to use anyone of my OS (WinXP, Linux Slackware, OpenBSD, Solaris 9. and try to do something..if you are so elite :). If you accept I`ll tell you where to meet me, deal ?

super denis

like the new tag and its in bold..thanks whoever changed it :)


18 June 2005
Real Madrid
What about the chammel in IRC ? how is it going ? are there any members in the channel ? how many ? pls tell me something.
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