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Irish league select v english conferenc select - pictures and scoreline.


Gareth G

And another thing, i will be honest, there where a few songs sung by cliftonville fans and i'm glad you've agreed with me on that. But i never took any offence at all and i do know some off the cliftonville's so called fans who only attended the game because it was linfield and they had a hand in this, but we have had the same problems at windsor park over the years.

Great night. Cliftonville should off beat us first half and we battered them second half. As i said, it was my first time at solitude and i was nervous before hand, but it was a very well worked operation getting us linfield fan's in and out off the ground.


30 July 2006
man utd cliftonville
dont think linfield have much chance tonight , i know d. jefferies personally from his mossley days and he aint lookin forward to this one! For me its all or nothing tonight , and when cliftonville fc win the title is ours, at least the english get to watch the blue men get humped live on telly again :lmao:
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