Is it worth it to patch my WE10(JP) with MyMy2.34 + OFP...



Guest I'm guessing there is an update, but I'm not entirely sure since I can't find an official thread. Basically I'm a little confused. The only thing I actually care about is having the Bundesliga with the current team members. I think some were traded, but I really have no knowledge. Also, I downloaded this version of WE10 prepatched, so, if I were to patch it again, would all the files be messed up? Would I need a fresh copy of WE10/PES6 to patch with something other then the MyMy patch?

Sorry, I have been going around on every website I could find trying to find basic data. I was just going to get a copy of PES6 and patch it with some files from a thread here, but the files were dead and filefront didn't have them anymore.

But yeah, basically all I want is the Bundesliga just so I can start remembering the teams names, etc. since I'm going to be living in Germany soon. Thanks a lot!

edit: oh well I found the MyMy thread. But is it still worth it for me to bother with ripping the iso apart and changing files? I don't mind doing it.
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