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Is the slow-down fixed in WE8LE?


12 March 2003
I know this is a little late...and with WE9 just around the corner, everyone is talking about that, I was just wondering if they fixed the slow-down on teh PS2 version of WE8LE that plagued WE8.



The BEautiful Game
31 May 2005
SPMC said:
if there is, i don't even notice it! trust me, it's negligible.

It's there. Not as much as WE8/PES4 but still there. Try Old Trafford, or any game under floodlights. Bacelona's stadium also has these slowdowns.

Its definitely got something to do with the shadows/lighting effects.

Cheers mates.


12 December 2001
It depends on your prefered camera angle, the stadium and your swivel setting. In case you usually tend to use normal angle and no swivel, you should notice no slowdowns. But if you prefer using the wide cam and swivel set to any value between 2 and 9, you're gonna get some slowdowns.


League 2
18 June 2003
Yeah its still there alright and is the reason i don't play it, i much prefer to play JL-WE8 cos i have no slowdown in that..
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