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Is there a way to add more commentary dialogues in PES?


3 March 2021
I have always had this question and was never able to find anything about this anywhere online. Is there a way we can add more dialogues in the commentary? Are there any mods that can do that? I know of just one mod that can add more player names but if that can be done, is it not possible to add more dialogues as well? To be very honest the commentary in PES is getting kind of stale and becomes irritating sometimes (especially when you are losing :D).

I am a part-time sound engineer myself and I can extract and clean new dialogues from Peter Drury and Jim Beglin from actual matches if someone is able to put them in a mod. Extracted audio clips can be categorized according to tone, intensity, situation, etc.


14 November 2004
Callnames can be improved upon because the script allows it. For example the game allows about 20 different callname types per player. Konami rarely fills all the slots for every player. Some get 1 or 2, popular players like Messi get close to full set.

My pack expands the callnames to fill as many slots as possible plus adding tonnes of new names along the way.

But In terms of actual commentary though the limit is the script config file unfortunately. It built in a way to be very hard to decipher and any edits crash the game.

The best that I’ve done is replace commentary. Eg like my stadium commentary or the UEFA commentary packs. Those are as close to adding new comments that I’ve come to. Even my Jon Champion pack from few years ago was just audio replacement by repurposing old games commentary into the newer script.

You might want to keep an eye on work that @dazzaa is doing. His offside mod is a taster of which I’m sure will be something good to come. His example of muting commentary to play custom commentary is very well done.

My method used in for the Uefa commentary could do something along the same lines but I’ve ran out of usable additional files that commentary can use.
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