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Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
If you use the Complusion's PES6 Editor to open up your option file, there is a cup competition called the ISS Cup, but in the game is doesn't show up (the same with PES5).

So how do you play in the ISS Cup?


Public Service Optimism
23 June 2003
From what I recall - and remember, this may NOT have any truth to it - historically speaking, the ISS Cup was the competition that was later renamed to "Konami Cup". Remember that the name "ISS" was the first name of the series, and if the name is there in fact, it might just be the Konami Cup... Though I'd find it strange that Konami would have NOT renamed it for so long now... :roll:


League 2
16 October 2005
Maidstone United
I swear there's the ISS Cup in game, at least in PES5, isn't it the cup for the international league?
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