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1 June 2005
I understand that this game has a number of classic players who aren't in the PES series. I'm always trying to create legends from the past, and ISS3 is neither available in America nor playable on the machines here. Therefore, if anyone still has this game, I'd be grateful if you could post player stats for the following players :) :

Piet Schrijvers (Holland Legends)
Rene van der Kerkhof (Holland Legends)
Jan Gielens (Holland Legends)
Hans Tilkowsky (Germany Legends)
Ernst Lehner (Germany Legends)
Silvio Marzolini (Argentina Legends)
Leopoldo Luque (Argentina Legends)
Rene Houseman (Argentina Legends)
Guillermo Stabile (Argentina Legends)
Sergio Goycochea (Argentina Legends & Legends of 90)
Bernabe Ferreyra (Argentina Legends)
Jose Manuel Moreno (Argentina Legends)
Aldair (Brazil Legends)
Giuseppe Bergomi (Italy Legends & Legends of 90)
Nicola Berti (Italy Legends)
Fulvio Bernardini (Italy Legends)
Tomas Skuhravy (Legends of 90)
Francois Omam-Biyick (Legends of 90)
Jorginho (Legends of 94)
Marcio Santos (Legends of 94)
Alexi Lalas (Legends of 94)
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