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20 January 2003
I'm one of the biggest WE/PES series fan around. However, as much as I have enjoyed the series over the years, there are some annoying things that keeps on rearing its ugly head which I believe is holding back the series from evolving. I'm sorry but there is no "Evolution" anymore with PES in recent years. But I believe the most frustrating thing I have with Konami is their total disrespect for non Japanese fans. Non-Japanese fans have no way to submit requests or vent their frustrations over the series to the developer- that means you Seabass. There is a disconnect between the fans and Seabass. You would think that a company that makes millions of the WE/PES series, would even have an official PES website supporting non-Japanese fans. There was an attempt a while back with a website but it was useless. I have come to a conclusion that KONAMI don't give F**K about non-Japanese fans. They give Europeans PES with a little tweak in the gameplay from the Japanese WE version and that it's. North Americans get shafted because our WE/PES version comes out about 4 months later and is the exact version as PES with no transfers updates. South Americans, you're screwed too because other than a few South American national and club teams, you got nothing. Konami needs to wise up and make better decisions because EA is about to match the WE/PES in the gameplay department soon. It's only a matter of time. The WE/PES series is based upon gameplay but that too have stalled. These are the issues that Seabass and Co. need to address for us non-Japanese fans:

1. Give us a decent official PES website. A site where non Japanese fans can visit to vent frustrations and submit suggestions/wishlist. A site where we can tell Seabass that the celebrations in WE/PES are almost soft gay porno and that we don't want a meat ball or animal heads as prizes. A site where we as fans can give Seabass and co. more accurate stats of players and teams. God knows, his team needs the help.

2. Have one global release for the series. Judging from the disappointing 360 version of PES6, Seabass and Co. needs more time. One global release version would give Seabass and Co. more time to develop a sound game which would includes all of the leagues under license now. This would includes the J and K leagues. In addition get more league licenses because there will come a day where EA will get exclusive licenses to all of the leagues.

3. Get rid of or totally revamp the Master League. The Master League overall is a huge disappointment to me. Konami have not make any major changes to this feature in years.

4. Address the pitch and ball size please. The pitch and the ball in WE/PES are small. Bigger pitch size makes for a totally different gameplay experience.

5. For next generation console, please have widescreen support and better audios. And there better not be any stuttering.

Feel free to add to this list. Of course, all of these issues will fall to deaf ears because Seabass will not even heard about them. It's a good thing Fifa is actually challenging PES this year. Competition can only get Seabass off his arse and actually improve all aspect of the series. I'm hoping that Famitsu give FIFA07 a higher rating then WE10. This will teach Seabass and co. to rest on their laurels and neglect non Japanese fans. We as non Japanese fans should do our best to voice our displeasure at Konami total disrespect for us. Hit Konami where it hurts the most. I would have not imagine saying this a few years back, but boycott buying PES6 until our voices are heard. I have no problem buying EA's or some other developers footie if it is better.


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3 August 2004
Well spoken, but I think the reality of all this is, that PES 6 is still superior to FIFA 07. Mate, have you played FIFA 07? Gameplaywise still incomparable; it's just too easy.
It's true EA has made a giant leap from FIFA 06 onwards, so I guess you're right saying that Konami must watch their step.
I think they're already focussing on the next-gen installments. This is just easy money for them...


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3 July 2006
It's true that Konami must start listening to us fans that play tha game 24/7.. i mean look at tha stats of tha players.. its not accurate for one single player even !!!.. at least they could get ppl that understand about how to apply tha stats like tha ppl that post in tha PLF topic in tha editing board.. alot of tha things which u stated r true.. i cant keep cricising every thing in tha game here.. but they must start doing effective editions and features to make tha game better and hear from us


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3 June 2004
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V-9 said:
I believe the most frustrating thing I have with Konami is their total disrespect for non Japanese fans. Non-Japanese fans have no way to submit requests or vent their frustrations over the series to the developer- that means you Seabass.
I'll tell Seabass when we play golf this weekend.
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