J. Klinsmann made J. Lehmann Germany's first choice goalkeeper


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8 July 2005
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lol some of my german uni mates are on suicide watch now!! trapped in 2002sigh! great decision, kahn hasnt been able to repoduce his peak form and lehmann has been unbreakable this season apart from his hilarious dive against bolton @ highbury.


26 May 2004
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hm...even though Kahn has been really below-par and make really poor decisions and mistakes as of late, where-as Lehmann has been great with their Champions League record...but i still have some doubts about this choice. i can't really explain why, but just a strong feeling....especially since the WC is really really different from any club competitions and Kahn has experience as Lehmann doesn't....and...hm...oh wellz, from all the stats and recent efforts, yea, that was the correct choice...
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