J League Winning Eleven 9 Asia Championship


22 October 2005
i just posted this on PESInsight, so thought id post it here too. the more info the better.

hi there, this is a new game coming out around the 17th of november. as far as i can tell its basically WE9 with different content, so it has the japanese leagues and stuff instead of the european ones i think. does anyone know more about it? will the game play be changed at all? unfortunately all the websites i can find are in japanese so i cant make head nor tail of them. also does anyone know if fernando or some other person will make an english patch for it, guess it should be fairly easy if its heavily based on WE9. any info appreciated!

got a little more info

"NCS Synopsis:
After conquering Japan and Europe, Konami's world beating soccer simulation sets its sights squarely on Asia. Featuring all 30 teams from the J-League, 13 teams from the Korean League, and 14 teams from other Asian countries, soccer fans may pit the best teams in the Pacific against each other to determine supremacy.
In the Japan Challenge Mode, Japanese J-League soccer clubs and their 800 professional players may be pitted against teams from Asia for a chance at the International Cup. Updated team and player data for the J-League taken from the latter half of the 2005 season are in effect.
The uniforms of the various teams are recreated perfectly and the players all exhibit facial expressions and body language to convey victory, scoring a goal, and other emotions. As usual, the refined game engine that has taken Konami over a decade to hone encompasses the soccer action. Depth of play is also assured where players may be acquired, rookies trained, and team schedules managed."

and there is a short video here


i cant really decide if when it says "the refined game engine that has taken Konami over a decade to hone" means the game play will have been tweaked since WE9 or PE5, i guess i just hope it has, updates are always nice. from looking at the video and the legal bits in some websites it seems some european clubs are in it, how many i dont know, but definately celtic, arsenal and chelsea. hopefully this could become the official thread for this game and we can find out what its all about.
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