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Japanese ps2s, has anyone in the uk got 1?



Basically i wanna buy a japanese ps2 to play we9, i dont wanna modify my ps2 or get the swap magic, just wondering if anyone has gone with the option of buying a jap ps2 and does it work fine in the uk? also is it possible to use the xbox power plug in a jap ps2 coz obviously the supplied jap plug wont work in the uk?

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Japanese Ps2 will work fine in UK as long as you are using a power convertor, this is becasue of the voltage different betweent Jap and UK.


16 May 2003
St Helens
I have, it has a transformer especially for it, looks like a tiny PS2. Never thought of selling it, but maybe...... I have WE9 on it. How much do you want it?
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