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Retired Footballer
6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC
Anyone own/played this game yet?

I wonder what it's like. I think I will go get it soon today.


Praying for the miracle..
7 August 2004
If you like cheats,enter PINT into the cheat codes screen,you will unlock all in arcade mode(cars etc).
Ps,this is more of a sim than arcade game,give it a chance,its the dogz boz!!!


Retired Footballer
6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC
Well, I have just acquired this game.

Played it for about 5 mins just to check out all the options etc and get a feel for it. And I have to say imo it's pretty damn good!!! Miles better than Midnight Club 3 and looks like it can compete with NFSU2. I'll have to see how the career mode is to compare it with NFSU2.

Definately worth picking up as it has some serious playability and a nice learning curve :).


Retired Footballer
6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC
How can you say that? What are your reasons etc?

Don't just say "oh its shit". Actually give some reasons for why you think it is.


If anyone has had the unfortunate luck of playing this , you will know handling is the main aspect followed by the AI

Don't get me wrong it has nice little touches such as pink slips etc , But where it matters it just doesn't deliver.

I may prefer sims over arcade racers , but this is trying to somewhat cash in on every successful franchise around , and Over the last 9 months absolutely nothing seems to improved , only sprouced up the hud and calender

Least it wasn't Street racing Syndicate I suppose


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
So if you have all the other games like NFSU2 and Midnight Club, why should I play this?
Gimme reasons.


2 August 2003
i deleted it form my xbox HD after 30 mins.

i dont really like car games, it just felt like NFSU all over again


28 September 2003
Has anyone seen the trailer for this game or the advertisment, where these guys are playing and customizing their car and they are also changing a girls outfit across the street. Ends up pretty good.


I got the Juiced demo for both PS2 and XBOX, I played them both once and the handling is terrible, turns like jelly on ice, but i must say everything else on the game aint that bad, just the handling which lets it down.
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