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Just cant play this anymore....

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15 August 2003
...its just too...stiff.

I mean when your players run its so badly concieved the way your man changes direction, its like they went back 8 years in gaming. They really need to sort out 360 movement because its just not good enough. At least in Fifa theres an attempt at more fluid movement. All the players run very stiff like and when trying to dribble it looks so dated .

it really hurts to slag this game off but it doesnt have the lastability anymore. You players have no a.i about them at all, they dont move into space. Theres still stupid stuff happening like players catching up to you even when you ahave a really fast forward on the ball.

The graphics are really showing their age too. The players body shapes look odd and so do there running and jogging movements.

The fact you cant edit too is a damn shame, i want players to have individuality - your fortunate if you can find a player wearing white boots in this game.

Yeah im sorry but i did like this at first but now, the lastability factor has failed, it no longer grabs me. And although Fifa has some flaws, if they can iron them out they'll be onto a next gen winner because frankly it streets ahead.


meh, i agree really. Especially the one about how your players don't have any intelligence.

It always happens - im on a counter attack, and im trying to delay running forwards so that some support can arrive, here come my team mates - and suddenly they just stop running. :S its so stupid


25 May 2003
I agree lads, xbox 360 version is piss poor. I even exchanged it for...wait for it....FIFA 07 - and thats a cut down version of the ps2 anyway!! What a huge croc of shiiiiite!! End of.

Shockin' The Prem

Shockin' The Prem
5 August 2004
I honestly still cannot stand Fifa, as much as this game pisses me off, I have both 360 and PS2 versions, Ps2 is crap aswell, 360 is just poor but imo Fifa is still unplayable.

I never feel like I've earnt anything when I score on Fifa, it just doesn't feel as though I'm controlling the shot when I shoot. It just flies in some random direction nothing like how you tell it to.

Don't say I haven't played it enough or I'm crap at it, I'm good at both, bought both games on launch and played them about 2 hours each day since.
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