Just need a little help



So this is just another Master League team thread, can you guys recommend me some? Just a few points:

No top teams
No dutch teams

I was playing a Dutch ML but the competition is too weak IMO. I do play
6* and I'm using Superpatch 3 option file but I imported PLF and Delperio stats.
Currently I'm thinking about West Bromwich Albion or Newcastle United, as I've sawn Newcastle in action and I've been in Newcastle when Heerenveen played there last year, and I liked the people and the club around there.

Thanks in advance.:D
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If you have enough PES points, you can unlock the option : Master League Compotions.This costs 2000 PES in the PES-SHOP. You can edit the teams where you are up against that way. Like myself, im playin with AFC Ajax, and ive edited both Divisions(Division 1, Division 2) . Ive put all the top teams in there, Barca, Real Madrid, Inter, Juve, ManU, Arsenal everything .. this way you can make it a bit harder for yourself
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