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Keeper Injured


League 1
5 November 2003
I was plyaing agaist a cpu team when in a 50/50 ball I slide in on the keeper. The ref blew for a foul and I was yellow carded, the keeper was not fit enough to go on and the game restarted, but they never brought the sub keeper from off the bench on ! They put a outfield player in goals????


opps ps ... they had made no subs up to that point!


League 2
4 August 2003
yeah it would be interesting to know what the stats of the outfield player who went in goal. in the master league with growth, many outfield players actually have decent goalkeeping skill stats..

i like to play a defender with good balance, reaction as GK just for fun sometimes in games.. and in my last ML, the player Orellano or whatever had so much growth that his goalkeeping stat was 85+ .. actually all of his stats were basically 80+.. he was the complete player!
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