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Is anyone else finding that the goalkeepers are ruining their enjoyment of the game. They are so bad it actually upsets me. I don't like scoring goals when the opposition keeper has managed to parry a shot that is going over into the net. It's really pissing me off. I just played three games with my mate and the scores were 7-1, 2-4, 8-3 to me. About 70% of the goals were keeper errors. A friend scored a goal yesterday when the keeper parried the ball up into the air, then, unopposed, he jumped to catch it, missed and kneed it into the net. I am going mad and am really considering going back to PES5. It will be really annoying if something so small as this manages to ruin what is in most other aspects a very good game.


13 July 2006
I concur, it takes the elelment of creating a goal away when the keepers do this, and it is fairly often too. It seem to be the only way the AI can score against me actually.


I love lamp
18 March 2006
ALso the keepers positioning is also horrible still. In certain situations the keepers do not position themselves in the centre of the goal, from the ball's point of view, in order to have equal distance to both posts. Instead they just stand alot closer to one post allowing for easy goals in the other corner from long distance. I have no idea why this hasn't been sorted as it was extremely obvious in PES5.

And don't forget the PES6 Freekicks where the goalkeepers suddenly are like gods in speed and pick out virtually anything. Scoring from 25+ metres is now close to impossible unless you pull the hardest Roberto Carlos shot between the heads of the wall. Horrid.
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