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3 May 2004
I've done that just playing footie with my mates, but it must be a whole different thing playing in a competitve match. Its not the hardest trick i've seen done in a match but it's up there with the most unusual like Kanchelskis' step on the ball but that was just shit :lol:


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
You're damn right its mad. Its just gonna get you hurt cuz first of all, you cant see where you're going and secondly you're gonna get headbutted when people try to tackle you.

Good show of skill but pointless.

Sabac Red

22 November 2002
The best thing about that clip is the defender not having any of it and just kicking Kerlon.

I'd do the same is someone tried to take the piss in a match like that.


All-round Bastard
11 April 2005
I don't think it's useless, cos it's difficult to defend against. How the hell can you get the ball without giving away a free-kick lol


10 December 2004
Stoke City
Yea very true and if ppl keep hacking him down they will get booked and deserve what they get.
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