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keys ?

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10 November 2006
hi everyone, I cant find the some keys .first I want through ball and I press ":triangle: " "W". before press W which key I must press to cath up player(I mean:make player run toward goal).Another Question is : how can I make my defenders to go forward(corners,for heading)


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18 March 2006
Firstly, you need to setup your keyboard so that you can change the key assignments to the ones you want. For that, go to the folder where PES is installed and start the "settings.exe". That is where you can change keyboard assignments.

As for making your players move at corners and such, they tend to be naturally sluggish and hard to get going in certain situations.

I always use Supercancel when I need a player to move freely. Hold R1 + R2 and your player is as free as he can be for you to move him.


keyboard? man, go on ebay and buy a adaptor for ps2, xbox or wateva console controller you got layin around and use that, a lot EASIER (press a wrong button, a hot key, etc)! cost me £1.50!
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