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Kicking it old school WE7


World Cup Winner
9 May 2003
I am sitting here waiting for the fiber installer at my house and I played two games of pes 360 online, i got bored of it, then played a ML game of WE10JL and I was like hmm kind of bored. So i looked thru my old cd cases and found WE7 reloaded patch(matrix) and I just played my first game as lyon, and HOLLY shit this game was great. At first it seemend really fast, but then i realized that the camera was more wide... why the fuck did they change that...
then some other things about this version have impressed the shit out of me... im going to keep playing, im having a blast!

Chris Davies

Chief PESsimist
14 May 2003
Tranmere Rovers
WE6FE was the best of them all. Four ML divisions, great gameplay (none of the extra CPU-based shit that was added over the years), just a brilliant game.

I've played that more times this year than PES6. :lol:


17 April 2002
I did the same thing few months ago..ie. played all the versions i had.. one at a time to see the differences.. from we6, we6FE, WE7, WE7Int, WE8, WE8JL, WE9, WE9JL, WE10, PES6, WE10JL...

Other than PES6, WE7International is the only version i can still play under we10JL. Alot of peeps say we6fe was the greatest....hmmm.. just didnt run that smoothly and animations were a bit chunky etc..
WE7Int was just perfect... quick, and seemless framerate, and some awesome views.. loved the default view, not too far, not too close.. Only gripe with this was that it was very hard to beat defenders once past them (they had a super catch up ability - much more than these days). OH also.. almost any tackle from behind were 100% red card, and even side tackles would have a 50% red card rate. Had to be real careful defending with this version.

I think the limited animations in this version made it very seemless and simple and most importantly much more manual in its controls. Things would happen exactly when u wanted them to..wihtout all the animations involved. I think thats why versions these days arent quite as responsive due to all animations in each move etc. No excuse i know..but i think the next gen systems, and maybe (hopefully) the new JLWE2007CC will sort this out)

Anyways, im so glad i kept this version(we7int).. i play a patched version of the game, but i have to play without commentry and without the opening entrance scene on.. or it will freeze the game..

Ah yesss.. The memories... back to we10JL for me though.. its superior to any other version of the game ;)
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World Cup Winner
9 May 2003
im going to my mates house tonight, we usually play 2 v 2, i told htem i have a new patch, hahah, were gonna play WE7!!! I want to see how long it goes before they realize were playing an older version. I think the organic feel to this game is better then the current version, the ball physics i like better, it seems more bouncy, but this leads to more chances. I have been playing this non stop since yesterday, i wish someone could provide me a ppf patch for WE7i.....

Stringer Bell

12 February 2005
WE7 is PES3 European counterpart. Well thats my favorite version of the game to. I think the balance to that game was just right...but the defense were sometimes too hard to break down.

Also gomito#10 do you notice when your playing in the Div1/2 cup matches in the ML, how the CPU were so super determined to beat you (like they were always up for it when it came to cup games)?

Also in the ML they had a one season loan signing option...i can't understand why Konami took it out in the following games though!


30 May 2003
WE Heaven
If you want old school go WE + WEdoIT.

Those were the BEST days of WE on ps2.

I have patched WE7I on my hdd and patched WE6FE on a CD. Simply the best.
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