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I duno if any of you lot have noticed this.

when your choose your kits on pes5 demo, it has a thing called
'change set-up' and by pressing Circle u can basicly create a 3rd kit by mix and matching the home and away. i noticed this and thought it was a really good added feature.

PES5 jst keeps getting better and better and it isnt evan released!!



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29 June 2005
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been there, done that ;).... dats a very cool feature neways (as people can now play england in all white) but old news none the less :) (sorry for the first horrible post :roll: )
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2 February 2003
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Not as old news as being able to go back to edit your original post, hey? ;)

Great feature - just a pity that some teams don't make use of it by having both sets of shorts/socks the same colour.
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