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Kit & Sponsor Editor Step-by-Step Beginners Guide


League 2
29 July 2003
Right i thought id make this guide for people who have to edit their kits manually in edit mode. I have only done 3 teams myself so far but I will be creating more and more. By the way, i have found a lot of people posting my pictures on other sites and taking credit for themselves so i've printed my name on these.

Below is a sort of step by step guide showing how to add the teams sponsors. I have left the badges for now, I will add those later. It is just a rough guide and the kits aren't perfect, so if you can make them better, do so. Also the first guide will be detailed, the rest of my guides will not be as detailed as you should know your way around the modes by then. Anyway here goes!

Follow this first guide exactly and you shouldn't go wrong....


Firstly how to get there:


Select your team (we will be starting with Spurs).


Here will be using the following options:


Now Here's the guides for each of the teams:

SPURS (Home)

Select 1ST STRIP. This will give you the different types of kits you can choose. For the shirt I selected one without a collar and changed all the colours of it to white. As shown above. Do the same with the shorts but make them dark blue and the socks white. Here is a pic of my selected shirt and colours:


Once you are happy, click OK. You should now be back at the "Select strip to change" menu.

Select NAME ON STRIP. This is where the sponsor editor is.

Change the text on the back to suit Spurs style (I haven't bothered with it).

Now see the little shirt icon at the botton with ON and OFF on it? Go down past that and this is now the sponsor editor area. See the picture below to make sure you are in the correct place.

Now you have 4 text layers to work with and 2 logo (picture) layers.
For Spurs shirt I used 1 text layer for the TOMPSON text, one logo layer for the TOMPSON logo and one logo layer for the KAPPA logo. This can be seen below:


Click the first "ABC" Text layer. This screen should appear on your right:


Click the PEN ICON on the left.

Select INPUT TEXT. Type out "Thompson" and click OK

Now select the PEN ICON again. This time select FONT TYPE and choose the 2nd font down and click OK:


Now select the middle button in the menu, showing 4 ARROWS. This will allow you to move the text to different places on the shirt. Move it towards the bottom middle. Select OK. You should now see the logo on the shirt.

Now select the COLOUR ICON between the "ABC" and "Thompson" text.
Choose a RED colour that you are happy with and click OK.

Text is done!

Now onto the Tompson logo:

Go down and select one of the LOGO buttons.

Now you should see 80 black squares. (Or less if you have edited before). Select one of the black squares.

You should now get the same kind of menu as the text layer. Select the PEN icon on the left.

Now you are able to draw the logo for the Tompson sponsor. Here is a pic of the logo editor:


First select the GRID TOOL (top row, 2nd from left). Use the smallest grid squares.

Now if your "canvas" area on the right isn't flashing slowly it means the cansas is white and not transparant. So you need to select the ERASER TOOL (2nd row down, 2nd from left). Now simply erase everything on the canvas so it starts to flash slowly. For quickness change your eraser size to 5x in the bottom left area of the screen.

Once that is done zoom in so you are viewing the canvas with 8x ZOOM by pressing R1.

Now select the PEN TOOL (top row, furthest to the right).

Now select your colour to be WHITE in the bottom right area of the screen. Also make sure your brush size is 1x.

Now follow this guide, taking note of the grid lines. You don't have to be exact, this is just a guide:


If you make a mistake simply use the ERASER TOOL (make sure its size is 1x).

There is also a FILL TOOL (2nd row, 3rd from left) if you want to quickly fill an area (make sure you fill an area without gaps as you will end up filling the whole screen).

Once you have something that looks like the Tompson logo above then click the END CREATION button (4th row down).


Select the MIDDLE ICON (4 arrows) to move your created logo on your shirt. Place it just above the Tompson text you created. Click OK.

Select the COLOUR ICON next to the logo you created and select a red colour.

Your Tompson logo should now be completed.

Now onto the KAPPA LOGO:

Now you do exactly the same as above but select a different black square as you don't want to overwrite the previous logo.

Make sure you have a transparant canvas (it should be flashing slowly) and the draw the kappa logo in white. Here is the guide below, 8x zoom and the smallest grid squares:


Once you are done select END CREATION again and then STOCK AND END.

Now Use the move icon to move the Kappa logo you have created towards the top left of the box. Click OK.

Now select a dark blue colour for this logo.

Go up the the top of the screen and click OK. You should now be back to the strip menu and your sponsors are completed.


If people want more pictures of the menu's etc I can do that but you shouldn't need them if you follow everything exactly.


League 2
29 July 2003
SPURS (Away)

Here is the real shirt:


This is the closest I could find in edit mode, there may be another closer, if there is let me know. Colours are in this order: Dark Purple, Black, Dark Purple:


The colour is pretty poor, the purple isn't dark enough but its the closest I could find.

Assuming you have already done the home shirt, the sponsors should automatically be placed on the Away shirt.

Go into the sponsor editor. Press R2 to view the away shirt. Change the sponsors to white if they aren't already. You should end up with this:


I think someone could make a better away shirt than this...let me know if you do :)


League 2
29 July 2003
Here's the SPURS BADGE.

This was done in the Emblem Editor.

Once you select EMBLEM. Select CREATE AND EDIT
and choose a blank square.

Then click EDIT PIXEL if you want to draw it all pixel by pixel.

Here is my design, 4x zoom first:


And an 8x version (4 screens grouped together):


The badge may look too big once you have completed it. If you want to make it smaller, you can do that in EDIT LAYER mode after you have drawn it. But you will lose all your detail....


League 2
29 July 2003

Kit Design - Here I chose a design that had the black lines above the badge and reebok sponsor. But this design also had black lines down the sides of the shirt too. If you don't like it then it's best to go with a plain white look.


Now onto the sponsor editor - Here If I just typed Reebok using 1 text layer it would go onto the black parts on the shirt. So I used 4 layers like below so I could move the characters closer to each other allowing more space. Also the logo layer was used for the reebok logo.


Font Type - The font type I used was the 3rd font down. The largest font available.

Sponsors Layout - Here you can see how I layed each part of the sponsor out:


Reebok Logo - Here is the design, 8x zoom:


Here is the finished home strip:



League 2
29 July 2003
Arsenal Badge

It is a bit wide, but if I make it smaller in edit layer mode it loses all its detail :(

4x Edit:

8x Edit:


League 2
29 July 2003

Kit Design - This was the closest kit I could find that allowed me to have white and red sleeves. The colours I selected (left to right) were Red, Red, White.


Sponsor Editor - Here I used 2 text slots for the O and 2 and 1 logo slot for the Nike logo.


Font Type - For the O i used to 3rd font down, the largest font. For the 2 i used the 2nd font down.

Sponsor Layout -


Nike Logo - 8x Zoom


Finished Strip:



With this design the O2 is pretty small and the badge seems big. There isn't a larger font so thats as big as the O goes. But i've heard of an alternate way, not sure if it works as I haven't tried it yet.

You need to create the Arsenal badge in the sponsor editor (like you did with the Nike logo). And create the O (from O2) in the emblem editor. The emblem editor is larger so you should be able to create a larger O for the O2, and a smaller badge doing it this way.


League 2
29 July 2003
Arsenal (Away)

Kit Design - This was the closes I could get. For the colours (left to right) I chose Blue, Yellow, Blue. The Shorts were blue and also the socks were blue with a red trim at the top.


Sponsor Editor - All the sponsors should be there by default assuming you have created the home kit first. The O2 needs to be changed to white and the Nike logo needs to be changed to yellow.


Final Strip:



Hi i have made the arsenal Badge But how do you get it on the shirt?? I made it using the emblom editor. I can get the nike tick and O2 on the shirt but cannnot find how to get the arsenal badge on?


League 2
29 July 2003
pires2077: Go into the NAME ON STRIP mode (same place as the Sponsor editor) and you will see a shirt icon at the bottom with ON OFF written on it, select that and you will be able to turn it on :)


25 June 2002
The kits look great but i was just wondering is there anyway on earth u can give teams like arsenal and brazil, the authentic nike style kits?

P.S could someone make liverpool please

Sudden strike12

24 September 2003
I prefer to make the badges in the logo editor and the sponsor in the emblem editor, otherwise the badges seem really big.

And incase you hadnt noticed, you've spelt Arsenal wrong on the badge you have made


League 2
29 July 2003

For the badge on the actual kit, after I completed this below I went into layer edit and resized the badge smaller to make it look better on the kit itself.

Also you don't have to do any detail really, such as the Manchester United text. You won't see it on the actual badge on the kit.

4x Zoom:


8x Zoom:



League 2
29 July 2003
MAN UTD (Home)

Kit Design - I've chosen the following shirt as it has the white stripes along the shoulders, the downside is you also have to have white underneath the sleave. Colours used (left to right): red, white, red. Also I used socks that had a red stripe near the middle.


Sponsor Editor - Here I used a text slot for the vodafone text, a logo slot for the vodafone logo and a logo slot for the nike logo.


Font Type - There is no text that matches the vodafone font so I just chose the 2nd font down.

Sponsor Layout -


Vodafone Logo - 8x zoom. Here i chose the circle tool and create an hollow circle from the top left pixel to the bottom right pixel. I used that for a base for the outa edge of the circle.


Final Shirt -



League 2
29 July 2003
Sudden strike12 said:
I prefer to make the badges in the logo editor and the sponsor in the emblem editor, otherwise the badges seem really big.

And incase you hadnt noticed, you've spelt Arsenal wrong on the badge you have made

It wasn't spelt wrong. It was an "a" but i resized the whole badge in layer edit mode and it lost detail, hence the line from the "a" being removed.


Paedo clown
7 August 2003
Northern Ireland
Looking good man, looking good. Sorry to add to your workload, but I've one last request - could you post the grid of the "dabs" logo on the Fulham kit (black circle with red lines around) as I can't seem to get it right and it's annoying me. Cheers.


17 October 2004
Abslolutely amazing work dannyboy and I know you must be busy and trying to do all the Premiership teams but I would really appreciate if you could do Celtic- possibly even just for the away kit (green and silver) because theres no hoops and the home top is rubbish! Thanks if yo can!


League 2
29 July 2003
MAN UTD (Away)

Kit Design - I chose to have a plain black shirt for the away top. I couldn't find a shirt that gave me the 2 white lines around the collars. The colour order is: black, black, black. The shorts design is very accurate. The colour order for these is black, white, white. The sock design is also as accurate as I could find, colour order: black, white.


Sponsor Editor - This was basically the same as the home shirt, except i moved the emblem over to the right instead of in the middle.


Final Away Shirt:



dannyboy: Regarding the "O2" logo

Make the "O" in the logo editor. Just draw a cicle and make it big enough so it stretches to the very side of the grid [as big as it can go]. Then draw a "2" with font style 2 and place it next to the circle you drew earlier in the logo editor. Thus, creating a much larger "O". Hope thats not too complicated


League 2
29 July 2003
Cheers Enda, i'll give it a go when I get time.


Kit Design - Here is the kit design for the shirt. The colours in order are: Blue, Blue, White. Shorts are blue and the socks white.


Sponsor Editor: Here I used 2 text layers, one for "Fly" and one for "Emirates". Also I used a logo layer for the Umbro logo.


Font Type - Unfortunately you can't use the largest font for Emirates as it's too big. Instead I used the 4th font down for "Fly" and the 5th font down for "Emirates"

Sponsor Layout:


Umbro Logo - 8x zoom, smallest grid. This Umbro sign may be too big for some people, if so just make it smaller.


Final Shirt -



League 2
29 July 2003

Due to us only allowed the same badge for both the home and away shirt, you can have both shirts with the circle round the CFC crest. Or remove the circle and just have the CFC crest, simply don't draw the circle if you do that.

This isn't very accurate, but it looks okay when the badge is on the shirt. I also made the logo smaller in layer mode after I drew it as below.

4x Zoom:


8x Zoom:

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danny boy off topic, has pesinsight gone down? because when i tried to get onto it it was coming up with an error, anybody else have this problem.

also if you saw my chelsea kit on pesinsight then i think its best not to have the circle for chelseas logo


League 2
29 July 2003
Yeah joeycole, its down for some reason :(


Kit Design - Here are the design i've chosen. With this kit you can have the grey colour around the arms and also the neck but it also adds a grey line across the shoulder. The colours used were: Black, Black, Lighest Grey.

For the Shorts I used this design, and the colours: Light Grey, Black, Black. Finally the socks were Black, Light Grey.


Sponsor Editor - Unfortunately due to you only being allowed one badge for both home and away kits I chose to have the circle around the CFC crest on both of them.


Final Away Shirt:

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10 August 2004
Sorry to say so, but your home Man Utd-shirt are very wrong, find a pic on the web, and you will see what i mean!
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