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Kits for we10!!!!

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30 April 2006
come on people, why havent we found a way to patch kits yet? surel its possible if the teams in games have kits, then they must be on the disc sumwhere, wheres the legendary fenando and wemerica, have you guys just given up??? COME ON PEOPLE LETS PUT A BIT OF EFFORT IN SO WE CAN PLAY THE GAME WE ALL LOVE IN FULL GLORY, is there not a way??? like someone making an option file importing the kits from we9 and saving it for us to download, BY THE WAY, THIS IS NOT A RANT OR ME HAVING A GO, i just love this game, and want it patched makes it complete, come on fernando you are a legend , proove to us how good you are, as if we dont all ready know! LETS KEEP TRYING PEOPLE, anyone got any thoughts????


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29 July 2003
Belo Horizonte, Brazil
m8...fernando doesnt need to proove anything to anyone...and also i think hes not the one two decrypt kits...we have to opitions, wait or try doidng ourselves... iam on the first one as cant handle this kind of stuff..
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21 February 2003
LETS KEEP TRYING PEOPLE, anyone got any thoughts????

Here's a thought; you need to learn a lot about the patching and editing process and the work involved.

Please educate yourself before opening a thread and making yourself look like a fool. Especially as Fernando and WEmerica have nothing to do with kit decryption in the first place.
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