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Kitserver 5.2.2


10 December 2005
Arsenal/OGC Nice
Fullscreen resolution tweaker? Does that mean we can have AA now?

edit: New mirror? :p


16 February 2005
Which stadium server can we use with this version(5.2.2) juce?
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10 December 2005
Arsenal/OGC Nice
Hmm, the costum resolution doesn't work for me (WE9LE) and I did this:

The last two options - dx.fullscreen.width and dx.fullscreen.height - can be used to enforce custom resolution in fullscreen mode. Note that those two options are disabled by default; to enable, remove the comment sign ('#') at the begining of those two lines, and make sure you specify resolution that your monitor supports.


Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
Manchester United
I havent tried this yet but can I use widescreen resolutions like 1366 x 768?


Not So Custom User Title
29 November 2004
Real Madrid
One possible addition would be an option to cycle the whole kit, instead of cycle shirt first, then shorts, and then sock. Its very annoying to have to match the kits if you have 5 or more. What do you think?


16 February 2005
Ok here is my problem! I did everything the installation guide says but I still get ''we9.exe encountered a problem, nee to close'' warning right after i double click to turn on the game!!!
What am I doing wrong? Please help! I want to use this kitserver...


Champions League
7 November 2003
comment out "fserv.dll" in kload.cfg. Faceserver doesn't work with WE9 or WE9LEK


and what is the diferrence between kserver and kserver HD? and how to put HD to work?


8 November 2003
Hong Kong
wondering if is it -or will be- possible to find complete GDB which unclude stadium and hi-res kits to be used with this new version of kitserver.


ps/ ok , shld be able to figure out with stadiums thks to net89 signature ;)
BUT still having difficulties to find hi-res kits folder
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15 July 2006
I downloaded this and the face server is good, but there's a problem. During gameplay some players are assigned the wrong faces. For instanceI was England facing argentina and Lampard had Messi's face, a lot of other players were like this too, they seem to be alrite in edit mode, this only occurs during a match. Anyone else experianced this?


TFC - All For One!
12 November 2005
Toronto FC & FC Barcelona
Is there any difference with Stadium Server 1.2? Or is it 1.1.1a just included with release 5.2.2?


AFC North Chumps 2007/8
5 May 2003
Watford, England
Manchester City
RuneEdge said:
I havent tried this yet but can I use widescreen resolutions like 1366 x 768?
Haven't had any luck with 1360x768 sadly :(

Great work as always though Juce, hats off to yourself.


Sputman Joe
7 August 2003
like the man said can anyone do a Complete GDB file it would be much appreciated.
cheers juce top man
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