kitserver,ati tray tools and vista ultimate

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19 September 2005
hi..i got a prob..i´ve tried everything..

it resumes to..
i got vista ultimate with pes6 installed without kitserver 6.5.1 and the last ati tray tools,it works perfectly,even with the option of forcing vsync on vista workaround.perfect.

but when i install the kitserver,the game simple dont load...

any idea?


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7 March 2003
Real Madrid
Remove kitserver and reinstall it will work agene I have the same problem I have to do it every time I restart my PC


13 February 2006
Göteborg, Sweden
IFK Göteborg
vista workaround? I got nvidia 8800 gts and cant get the lines in the screen to disappear by using v-sync as I could in xp. How do I fix this?
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