Konami should buy exclusive license


League 2
3 August 2003
Gladbeck, Germany
Schalke 04, Liverpool FC
I just read that EA bought the exclusive license for the NFL, Visual Concept bought the exclusive license for the MLB. Just imagine EA would buy an exlusive license for FIFA. They would have the edge over Pro Evo for years to come. Konami must have earned enough money with Pro Evo, Metal Gear and Silent Hill, they should check how long the contract between EA and FIFA runs and when this contract expires they should put the money on the table (which will be alot) for an exclusive FIFA license. That would be the end for EA footie games, because I guess about 70 - 80 % buy this game because of the license. EA have now stopped producing baseball games, because Visual Concept bought the exclusive license of the MLB. So come on Konami, pay the money and bury FIFA Soccer once and for all.


9 August 2003
better konami puts their money to improve gameplay than to improve licenses, each year another GREAT patching team realises licenses for us :)


18 July 2003
Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Stoke City/Liverpool
Does anyone remember the old ISS Pro/PES games? Up until 2000 Konami had the international kit licence, meaning the old games had correct kit with sponsors, while FIFA had to put up with plain national kits with flags instead of badges.
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