Konami To Release Any Patches For PES6


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28 November 2005
Anyone know if Konami gunna release any patches for this game to fix the bugs.At first i didnt get care to much but its starting to annoy me somewhat now.Going by past experiences with Konami.They didnt even bother putting out a patch for one of me other games i own.So with this one i aint expecting anything.Ive looked around the net for any news and found no news on a pes6 official patch.So i gone back to what i think is the best footballing game ever PES5 for now


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28 March 2006
South County
seems there a better chance of being struck by lightning. twice. but nevertheless a patch is mos def needed to fix the online problems, as well as the shooting bugs.


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7 March 2003
Real Madrid
And don’t forget commentary they guy is drunk when it comes to the game results!
When I’m up 2:0 he sez the score is 2:1 and so on


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23 October 2006
will they? never.....

p.s>when I got a penalty shoot out chance and made the ball fly high, commentator said it was really nice shoot.;;


League 2
26 June 2005
and konami have remove menu for chance configuration joypdad,resolution video,choose team at end match and in kits choose wow


7 October 2003
We should be compensated by Konami for having to put up with such bad programming. I played a friendly game today and at the end of the match the "common tatter" said I had won the Seria A title, I pissed my pants laughing. Also at the start of the second half when it was 0-0 he said "Now they have equalised they should try and go for the winner". This is very bad. Konami need to make alot of fixes in this game. I wonder if they will fix the ATI Card issue or perhaps we will just have to use the No DVD executable.

Fingers crossed, but I will not loose much sleep over it.


ps - i did send a note to the support team and got nothing back, how odd.


League 2
26 June 2005
chrismodd said:
I think he means that the configuration joypad has to be made via settings.exe in the PES6 folder, so no messing about inside the actual game.
but before they were present because to remove them?
before pes5 had all option,pes6 not,why? :(


League 2
15 June 2005
What's even worse is when I play as Ivory Coast against another national team and at the end of the game when I've won he says that I've won thte Serie A title.
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