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l1+ r1 or l1 +r2,


6 September 2005
Can anyone bring some light to this particular key stroke combo in pes6. I have no clue on what this brings or takes away from the player while playing against the computer.

Any help will be great.


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20 July 2004
do you mean L2+R1 and L2+R2 ?

it adjusts the "attack-mindedness" of your team as a whole (represented by the little 5-step meter next to the player name at the bottom of the screen).

The default setting in all versions of winning eleven (PES) is to let the computer control this setting for you (which means any changes you make will be quickly changed back by the computer). But you can change it to manual in your team settings.


16 April 2006
y we cant change our own button in pes6 ??
like x(joystick) to s(keyboard)...can someone tell me how to deal with button config...
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