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Language Question


17 April 2006
Hi People my first post here but been browsing for a while. Hoping to get more involved as soon as this problem i have is sorted.

Im english living in spain and bought myself a copy of pes6 for PS2 (Had it for 360 but found the PS2 version to be a more "enjoyable" experience).

Anyways as im in spain i have to buy a spanish copy. Now i did the same for pes5 and you could change the language settings in the game, but it seems in pes 6 i cant do that.

Just wondered if its like that on purpose or if i have a faulty game.

It seems strange as the english version you can change the language to spanish, french etc.

Anyways thanks for the help whoever answers.

Hopefully it can be changed but if not ill have to wait and get one from the UK. :(


28 June 2002
Henley, Oxfordshire
hi mate

unfortuantly it appears that for PES6, Konami Europe decided to only put the language relevant to the particular company on the DVD :(

I'm rather fed up as I love playing the game with the Spanish or French commentary option.

Does your's still feature Guillem Balague ?



17 April 2006
Ahh thanks for that Bud tempted to just keep it as i can get by. The main problem I have is the Player Stats. Any chance anyone can write down the list of Player statas in the order from top to bottom. Then i can just translate them. Eg. Attack, Defence, Top Speed etc.

Im not sure about Guillem Balague Its deffo on the box who does the commentary I will check when i get home.

Thanks again pal.


17 April 2006
In answer to your question All i know is that the commentary is the same as on PES 5. Hope that helps.
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