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Last Of Us Part 2


3 May 2003
Västervik, Sweden.
Sheffield Wednesday
That's just fan speculation but they did go to lengths to say it was very early in development and release was a long way off so definitely years not months :(


9 June 2003
Blackburn, UK
At the very earliest it will be late 2018 but more likely 2019.

If they take their time and make it awesome like the first one then happy to wait!


11 August 2003
Welwyn Garden
Exeter City
By 2020 I'll be too busy with universal translator, flying cars and transporters!
Not sure about the other two..
But you should try Google Translate, pretty much spot on.

I am hoping this is held back for the PS5, this game deserves much better graphics than the PS4 can handle, and in 2/3 years time will just look even more dated.


20 September 2005
Chatbox, Brazil
I never really wanted this sequel, but I kinda of do, and kinda of don't and kinda of do again.

But its Naughty Dog of course they won't fuck it up. I'll stay positive.


5 September 2016
Good news. Really enjoyed the first one. Imagine this will play even better and look superb on the Pro. Holiday 2018 release I reckon.


23 March 2005
Barça, Arsenal, Ajax
The first was one of the best games ever crafted. I didn't fancy a sequel in terms of narrative, as the story of Joel and Ellie was closed to perfection. But let's see what they do, I trust them 100% on this one. Projecting this IP to the future, at some point Joel should die and Ellie be left alone in this world... if they survive the 2nd.


Golden Boot Winner
7 January 2007
Release date finally given as February 21st 2020.

I never liked the gameplay of this and neither Uncharted. Both are really generic oldschool scheme. Just throwing more and more and harder and harder enemies in your face and see if you are prepared. If not you are dead then restart and memorize the whole procedure until the next shit we throw at you which you cant overcome unless you try it again and memorize it. Story is strong tho. So im kinda torned about this. They have to really make it meaningful.


11 September 2006
I've never gone crazy with the restart mechanic too, but I have to admit it's very functional if you have an extraordinary story (like the first Last of Us indeed was) and you want your audience to primarily focus on that.

However I'm kinda skeptical about this sequel.. I doubt it will be able to live the hype. The main character(s) already told what they had to in the previous chapter and I think it will be very hard to top that with a new story still centered on them. I would have opted for brand new protagonists tbh.
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