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Left For Dead, PC and Xbox 360


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30 December 2001
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Footage from showdownLAN has surfaced on showing off a public playtest of Left 4 Dead, an ambitious zombie-centric team game from Turtle Rock Studios (Counter-Strike) and Valve. Four survivors take on waves of the Infected (think 28 Days Later) and four Super Infected as they make their way to a helicopter landing point.

Shown in the clip is footage from four player-controlled survivors. Though the Super Infected can also be player-controlled, we don't have any video of that in action. There is, however, a moment where you can spot The Smoker strangling a survivor with its tongue. The video is grainy and shaky at times, but it's the best we've got on this so-far reclusive game.

Left 4 Dead 411 has impressions from people who attended showdownLAN, as well as a gallery of the event. The game is due out this summer for PC and this winter for Xbox 360. Video embedded after the break.


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30 December 2001
Indiana USA (Scottish)
Nottingham Forest
6 Min Movie:


We hate zombies with the fiery, white-hot intensity of 1,000 seat belt buckles left too long in the August sun, so we're glad to see any footage of their foul breed being wholesale slaughtered, as in this new six-minute clip of Left 4 Dead shot at QuakeCon.

This looks to be a good simulation of what we believe it will be like when the zombies come for us and the people we love ... and they will. We imagine that, especially when the fat zombie is splattered all over the pavement, you will feel something primal awaken within you, an instinct pushing you to kill the approaching undead threat. Know that you are not alone, and give thanks that cruel evolution has not deadened what will one day be the most crucial of impulses.


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30 December 2001
Indiana USA (Scottish)
Nottingham Forest
Left 4 Dead Demo Coming For Xbox & PC
Valve's Gabe Newell has announced a playable demo of the co-op survival horror game Left 4 Dead that will be released for both Xbox 360 and PC and will feature both single player mode and online co-op play.

As for content, Newell told VideoGamer, "I don't know what the date is for release [of the demo] though. I think it's going to contain the first part of one of the campaigns. I think it'll probably be Hospital but I'm not sure."

Left 4 Dead is due to hit the shops at the end of November, but there is no word if the demo will be out first or will appear later to try and mop up any stragglers


5 July 2004
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This had one of the biggest ques yesterday at the Eurogamer Expo (yes, bigger than Gears of War 2) and I got to find out why.

Its seriously great fun. Other than Mirrors Edge, probably my favourite game from the show. Teamwork is totally essential and your rewarded for such things as picking up a downed team mate.

Its pretty damn scary / jumpy too. Zombies come out of nowhere and when they do, they come in numbers.

Only worry I have with it is the longevity. Will there be much else to do once its completed?


25 April 2002
Centreville, VA (USA)
looks fun and arcadish. Graphics aren't that great, but am sure gameplay is a blast to play. I am also one of those that think longevity may be a problem with this game. Let's hope not.


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6 February 2006
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I read and saw that the zombies locations are always randomised so each time you play a level it will be different with them swarming in from different areas to catch you out - so that should be a good reason to keep going back.

Although I guess once you've killed them all a few times and seen the levels over and over there's nothing left to do.
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