Lets share our FAV master league players(forget henry, sheva, adriano)


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7 June 2003
f.torres--------------excellent striker with good growth
perea(alt madrid)-----fastest CB u'll ever find
yeste------------------vv good and talented left winger
rooney----------------do i need to say more?
sneijer(ajax)---------i like this player
petrov(alt madrid)----vv fast left winger
Hildebrand------------young GK with good GK stats and 1-1 stopper
Chivu-----------------vv good left back for me
kallstorm-------------good amf/amf with playmaking and middle shoot
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28 November 2005
Manchester United FC
Baumjohann(mf/am/ss) good playmaker
Schwarz(cf/ss) great strike rate and quite tall (a bit like Jan Koller just better ;))
Mathieu(LB/LM/DMF)good in air fast good dribbling and fantastic freekicks for a left footer.
Bradley(CMF/CB) great centre back who has it all
Palmieri another great centre back but lacks pace
Ball brill midfielder


Dagaka (Iran) - fast SB

Knight (Fulham) - Black Stam

Perea (Atl Madrid) - Fast CB

Bouba Diop (Fulham) - Vieira nº2

Mauro Rosales (Ajax) - Great Dribbling

Marcelinho (Hertha Berlin) - Great Shooting, crossing, dribble

Sneijder (Ajax) - Great AMF

Karimi (Bayern Munich) - Special player


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2 November 2002
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I love playing with (almost) unknown players in the master league and developing them into stars. My favourite ML team so far is:

GK Isaksson, Landreau
DC Lugano (organises the defence and is everywhere), Leonardo, Felipe
DR Perea (or CB, they don't come any faster), Basta
DL Gustavo Nery, Mathieu (excellent and strong free kicker)
DM Sergio Gonzalez (my captain and just keeps on growing), Yussuf
MR Ruben Olivera, McGeady, De Mul
ML Jorge Ribeiro, Pandev, N'Zogbia, Gustavo Nery
AMC Baumjohann (the new Zidane), Källström
FC right foot Marcio (becomes best global striker), John, Caraciollo (the beast), Youla
FC left foot Bojinov, Pandev

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23 July 2003
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Joao Moutinho (Jol Mantinjo is his default name) of Sporting Lissbon. Can play anywhere in the midfield, and he can pass, shoot, dribble all very well. Plus hes growing much faster for me than his chart indicates.

Ryan Babel (Ajax) grows into a beast of a striker in 2-3 seasons, awesome in balance, speed, shootpower and heading

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12 February 2005
Pekil6ust said:
Klavan - real piece of poo in the game but he's Estonian. :)
Hey had a ML with Almelo and he turned into a real superstar LB in the 6th season. His balance was 94, speed 89, technique 85 and cross accuracy 88 and he had mid 70's in more or less every stats accept GK ability.


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7 November 2005
F.C. Copenhagen
Iniesta - Is perfect as a playmaker in a 4-4-2 A1 formation..

Torres - Great goalscorer

Tevez - Is fantastic from the start, but will become even more fantastic.. Great balance, shooting and dribbling..

Mascherano - Great when he's playing right in front of the defence. Sucks as SMF...

Yohann Pele - Great young keeper, who develops good..

Heitinga - He is a fantastic defender because he can dribble pass and so on.. Therefore you can start attacks from the central defence.. Just like you can with Beckenbauer.. They are similar when Heitinga is on his prime.. I think that Heitinga is even better..

Baumjohann - Will become a FANTASTIC playmaker.. I would say he's the new Zidane.. Just better :)


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14 September 2003
Ballack is a power house if you use him properly. Just put him a bit to the left. Turn towards his shooting foot (R) during gameplay and shoot, an almost guaranteed goal. Unless your friend has a GK with everything at 99 that he just happened to "find".


CB - Bradley
SB - Kobayashi
DMF - Mascherano, Heitinga
CF - Gilardino

The most expensive player out of the whole lot for me was Heitinga. I got Bradley/Kobayashi for 200 each in my first season, and they're serving me well now in my 5th season (with nice stats too)!


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2 November 2005
Liverpool FC
Some good reading!! I wish i didnt have to work, i dont think i would actually leave Pro Evo alone!!

Well my FAV master league player has to be Martins, he is outstanding and his growth is brilliant, i struggled to buy him in the first transfer window but managed to get him at the end of my first season. \\:o/
I am a big fan of Risse he has boss stats and can play pretty much every single game because of his stamina.
Kollstram is good i bought him in the first transfer window, but i have Steven Gerrard in the team so he is just a backup player at the moment.
I have my eye on Robinhio and rooney as they are both intrested in coming to my team, so i will keep you updated on weather they become my FAV's.

Aimar is another classic! brilliant passing and really hard to get the ball off him.


13 March 2005
NW London
Novo and Xabi Prieto from Sociedad are good, on the cheap.

Benjani is a monster (auxerre, now at Pompey) he grows into the complete striker. Threat in the air, immensley strong, good touch, powerful shot and a generous proportion of pace too.

Dhorasoo is a great playmaker

Mbami grows into one of the best midfielders in the game

Illunga is a fantastic LB. Izmailow grows into a fantastic winger with pace acceleration, driblling and agillity in abundance

Squillaci grows into a Stam like player. Aitor for Sociedad is a fantastic solid RB

Bakero also is a supringsingly effective left winger, who can player at LB too
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alan smith is my fav, his points have grown by 11-12 in 3 seasons he's a revelation!


Ordaz practically won the European Cup on his own for my ML team. He didn't score a lot in the first two seasons though.
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