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Let's thank Konami


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16 April 2002
I'd like to raise the point that konami have done an excellent job in making improvements from PES4. They have taken a lot of bashing on this forum from folk moaning about various issues.

I played my first few online games tonight and I think it is great. While PES4 launcher was brilliant, you were never sure that folk out
there were not cheating. I think the new system is great, no real lag
and the UI is superb. It's just really easy to get online and play someone.

So, lets hear it for konami, remember, without them we'd all still be
playing FIFA or dusting off our amigas for a game of SWOS.

Its the best £17.99 I've ever spent!

I know the game is not perfect, but hey, credit where credit is due!

Let me know if u agree.


16 February 2005
I totally agree. PES5 is a really fantastic game. Especially I wasn't expecting that online was going to be this good. It's user friendly and no real lag as you said.
Enjoy this beautiful game folks...
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League 1
12 October 2003
Groningen, Holland
Yeah i was so angry when pes5 came out on the box en there was still so much lag. Now i have played around 20 games ont the PC and i did not experience half the lag i experienced on xbox live. Add to that that when i was playing on the xbox i mostly had dutch opponents. On the PC i only played english opponents and still i had less lag or no lag at all.

And the game looks great, there is so much freedom than on the consoles, the physics are better and the game is more unpredictable/diverse.

I love it.
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