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Liedson considering playing for Portugal.


15 February 2006
Racing Club de Avellaneda
Portuguese Federation Approve Of Liédson

Liédson’s declarations that he’d be more than willing to scrap any hopes of playing for his native Brazil and choose nationalisation for Portugal instead has met with a positive response from the Portuguese Football Federation.

“As far as I’m concerned, I feel that it would be good for Portuguese football to be able to count on a player like Liédson, but the final word isn’t mine and depends on the will of the player and the view of the Selecção coaching staff. I wouldn’t put a single obstacle in his path, as Liédson would be good for Portugal and has expressed his love of the country”, said VP Carlos Silva.

“Liédson plays in apposition where we are currently having problems finding players of a level suitable for the selecção. In my opinion, as a Portuguese citizen, Liédson would be welcome in the national squad.” With Deco’s precedent, Liédson will find the ground smoothed.

With Pauleta (pic) and Figo already retired from national duties – and Nuno Gomes close on following – Portugal may be in need of the goalgetting number 31 from Sporting Lisbon. The only problem could be a backlash against a squad that would count on two Brazilians on the field and one on the sidelines; many feel that youngsters born in Portugal should at least be given a chance first.

Aaron Marcus



Id actually like to know what the Portugese fans think of this. Deco has been brilliant, hes certianly one of the main reasons I enjoy watching Portugal and Barcelona play.

I personally hate the fact that Camoranesi plays for us, but thats just becoz he's shite ;)


2 August 2004
Well with the huge problem Portugal is facing at the moment and for past few years in terms of quality strikers available to them (which neither the depth nor quality of the available ones is as high as a nation like Portugal should have), this news doesn't surprise me much.

Liedson is head and shoulders above Helder Postiga, Nuno Gomes and the rest of the contenders to have that starting CF position and would definitely be a welcomed addition to the side. Especially considering, it looks like no matter how much he impresses in Sporting, he won't get the chance to represent Brazil anyway due to the country's huge amount of depth for forward positions.

I myself wouldn't mind seeing this happen at all.
Because here's a very good player who will probably never get to play in a major international tournament due to one country's amazing amount of talent/depth like many other Brazilians have missed out on in the past while there's a country like Portugal who could really use his services and make themselves a better team with his help.


Alvalade XXI
21 March 2003
Lisbon, Carcavelos
airjoca said:
Very, very good. And I don't want him in the national team...

And briliant on scoring goals, specially against Benfica!
Benfica fans have the same problem it Deco, the problem of not plaing for Benfica.

I have mixed feelings about this matter.
Liedson is a wounderful striker, world class, but is diferent case from Deco.
Deco came to Portugal it 17/18 years, is a success case of integration in the community. Liedson arrived in Portugal 3 years ago.


10 December 2004
Stoke City
SPiTFiRE said:
Yeah mate, he's kinda like Crouch, Gerrard, Lampard, Joe Cole and Ashley Cole! :thumbup:

That's about as funny as these guys.




7 October 2002
benfica fans are sour about this because this would be so funny on Nuno "the hermafrodite" Gomes hopes to become a first choice.

The guy married last weekend and he came in the cerimony at 15m from the end, jumping with joy, when the priest pulled the "21" plate so he could come in. Pauleta almost married his wife.


Eusébio forever
6 April 2004
SL Benfica
Arghh we don't need a divers and cheaters, we have better! We have MI-MI-MICCOLI!


7 October 2002
It's time Portugal cut the crap and do like others do: Spain has foreigners, Italy has foreigners, France IS foreigners... while we, a mixed up country from the beggining use this ultra nationalist bull that keep us away from reaching the main goals.

Liedson would be surely better than any of the current options, miles away.

Miccoli better CF than Liedson? maybe at the circus or in a LEGO World Cup.


2 August 2004
As a CF, Liedson >>>>> Mi Mi Miccoli Pedro :p

As a SS or WF, then yes our chubby short friend would probably take the cake. 8)


7 October 2002
Of course PLF but that's the discussion all along.

Miccoli is a good player to backup the strikers, one with the ability to break off defenses with his moves (although as your adjective reminds he tends to get too fat too often).

But as CF Miccoli is not good, which is obvious, you just need to look at him :). (although liedson also challanges big time the impression his phisique leaves at the first glance).


29 July 2003
Amadora, Portugal
SL Benfica
Sure, Liedson scores lots of goals in the Portuguese Liga. Can he score againt Terry, Ferdinand, Gallas, Nesta, Cannavaro and so on?

Remember, Pauleta scored lots in qualifiers, but when he played against world class defenders, nothing.
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