Liverpool FC vs AC Milan (UCL Final): Goals and Clips LIVE and Exclusive !!!


2 August 2003
Wheres Alonso's spin? ;)

Well we were 3-0 down this time last year, so its an improvement I suppose!

3-1 to us now please :)


13 March 2005
NW London
Brave, Brave, Brave. YNWA

Milan shouldn't be in the comp, and Liverpool matched them in EVERY Area.

3 minutes stoppage time my arse! (See rafa angrily pointing at his watch)

We'll be back. They were there for the taking. Get some quality wingers in, and another striker, we'll be flying!


17 April 2004
North Yorkshire
I don't think Liverpool really looked like scoring when they attacked but were better is possesion, Milan gave the ball away a lot but when they did get it in the right areas I thought they looked dangerous (there was one or two close offside calls).


Unstoppable !
25 December 2002
respect to milan for 2 goals of 1 shot in the whole game....

add strange decisions by rafa and no luck with your own chances and e voila , the better team loses.

lo zio

24 October 2005
Zenden and Pennant really were the reason why we didn't look like scoring. Looked far more dangerous with Kewell on.
i loved pennant performance tonight! he was awesome, dominated all his sideline kept milan side defender away.... and also made a couple of beautiful crosses. :)


20 times 20 times Man United
13 October 2004
St. Helens, Merseyside.
Manchester United
I just hated the fact that when Kuyt scored, the commentators and so on were doing the 'SURELY NOT! NOT AGAIN! OMG OMG! INSTANBUL!' act. Get over it!
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