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Liverpool Squad Members



Please could someone tell me what the stats are for Daniel Agger of Liverpool? I've been playing with Liverpool in my Pro Evo 5 Master League after making the relevant transfers in the Premiership, and my team now has only two CBs, Hyypia and Carragher! Please can someone tell me? And also Paletta, if possible, but I don't think he'll be in the database. Cheers.
7 August 2004
yeah but he's in we10. maybe you can download an optionfile and optionfile editor for we10 and look it up. Pennent and bellamy are also improved compared to pes5


24 April 2006
Manchester United
Ronaldo's balance poor? LOL, sounds about right!!

I'm still waiting for that new feature that lets me dive when using certain players like Ronaldo, or indeed any Portugese player. Its one of the few features I would honestly like to see - play it at your own peril, either get a pen or a red card :D.
7 August 2004
That is already in the game, however i dont know which stats control this, should ask plf. Have noticed players that do go down easily and you see them sitting on the floor with arms raised, ala the winker, asking for a freekick. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you dont. Have noticed it with gonzalez for pool to name one.
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