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Loading OF from we9 to we10


You Feel Me?
24 December 2003
Hi does anybody fo you had any trouble to load the option file from we9 to we10?
i mean i remembre in the previouse game i could have some of the player name in english.
now on when i'm going to load the we9 OF it' seems that anything has changed.
when the Of has been loaded it appear i kind of sub menu (unfortunatly in japanese) i've tried several times to press one of those..but nothing change.
hope to get some news.


i hail from ISS time
9 November 2004
as far as i know...it doest work,i tryed loading WE9 OF,but this time it doest support.
But u can download the rammstone 100% english translted players OF.


Champions League
19 May 2004
it does work. i uploaded my Option File from WE9 and most players are all translated.


16 August 2003
Man Utd
It worked fine on mine.

On a related note, since it was all in japanese, I nonchalantly selected all the options on the sub-menu.

Could anyone enlighten me as to what they actually were? :D

The only evident factor that I've realized has changed is that some (or, most) player names have been translated to eng, as per my previous version.


You Feel Me?
24 December 2003
kobashi said:
it does work. i uploaded my Option File from WE9 and most players are all translated.

How did you do it? and what sub menu did you press?i.m still tryeing,but there is no way out of it..doesn't work!!
i'm useing the wendettalab OF (in italian) could it be that the problem?
it's always worked for all the we series..with no difference of language.
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