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Loading option file onto Xbox from Max drive

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4 December 2005
Please please please can someone help

I got my max drive, i downloaded the software onto the PC, i copied the option file version 2 from my hard drive to the PC database within max drive and then copied from PC database to the max drive USB key.

I then plug it into the xbox and go to options then PES Data Control then option file then load option file but is says there is no file.

so i put the USB key back into the laptop and with the max drive software programme the option file is showing on the left hand side.

What have i done wrong, why can't i get this thing working??

Anyone?? please?


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27 December 2001
West Ham United FC
Alright Paul, the thing to do is go to options, go to data load, select change area to load from, you should see Harddrive and also MAX DRIVE something, select that and then select data to load, then select area to load to, so press change button and select HDD, :D
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