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LOD mixer


League 2
26 October 2005
Hi just a quick question, does anyone know if it's possible to edit the options so we can use even higher textures than the ones we have. I use very high detail 512x256 on all 5 settings and was wondering if there was any way of increasing editing that. Or just genrally improving the way pro 6 looks. ANy help much appreciated thanks :)


I love lamp
18 March 2006
I think "1" on lodmixer uses the full textures without compression. Basically, it wouldn't be possible to use any higher. Obviously if you patch the game, higher resulution textures might be available. But there might be limitations in the game for the size and quality of textures aswell.

But bottom line, if you have "1" on all 5 LODs in LODmixer you will always use the full texture.

Hectic Glenn

League 2
14 May 2006
Tottenham Hotspur
Yeah, the LODmixer has it's limits, and you've pushed it to it's limits. The only improvement upon PES from this point, is better textures and such, from kitserver (kits, balls, boots & faces), then in the future, the superpatch will bring the most out of PES6.


League 2
26 October 2005
Ok thanks alot for your replies, i thought that might be the case. I'm using a turf patch, and kitserver obviously, just hoping hd kits get implemented soon. I take it there is a superpatch on the way...Can't wait \\:o/


Chelsea 4 life
7 April 2005
I Applied a number of faces earlier and one with Ronaldinho who has a headband, but from a distance his hair goes all wierd like u can only see his Skin.

What settings do i need to have on my LOD mixer so this doesnt occur?

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