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looking for better joystick?!



While playing PES5 my joystick (for example Logitech and MS-Tech) sometimes refuses to smoothly turn around and pass opponents. Instead of making a smooth curve, my player makes a crazy turn and loses the ball...:shock: .

What do you thinks is the best joystick to play PES5 with and why?



N64 controller was the best design ever imo. Obviously it wont work with a Playstation so il shut up now :D


12 April 2006
ps2 is the best.

i had logitech rumblepad 2, and after little more than 2 months of intensive use it's direction pad started to buckle in some positions so it became useless for PES.

than, u might just be holiding some silly buttons, making your player act crazy...


22 April 2006
footyfan said:
For PC the xbox360 wired pad is the best for PES.
i totally agree to this ...
i'm also playing with the xbox360 controller and it feels better than a ps2 controller and has all the buttons u need!
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