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Loosely related to Pro Evo - How much would you pay?


1 March 2004
*If this is in the wrong forum, then if someone could move this for me I would appreciate it*

I was just looking for a little bit of advice. with pro Evo 5 upcoming I've been looking to modify my PS2 so that I can play the game patched.

Someone I know reasonably well is looking to sell their modified PS2 for £100

Having not really looked into consoles that much yet, I was wondering if this is considered a good price for the PS2? Or am I being ripped off?



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21 February 2003
It would be cheaper to modify your own playstation rather than buy a new or already modified one.

Google Flip-Top and Swap Magic, you should get all the info you need.


1 March 2004
Thanks Dar,

From what limited reading I've done I'd been led to believe that modchips were the way to go in terms of stability as I'd heard that some people have had problems with flip-tops (?)

But if you think for the money it's better to go flip-top then I'll def check it out!

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3 September 2005
Network card = 20 quid
hard drive = 20 to 60 quid
xlink = 20 quid

no wasted burns of cds/dvds, faster loading times, no disk changing, no more scratching of your cd/dvds, no damaging of laser or drawer, storage of multiple games, legal, ps2 warrenty intact, ps2 intact (no silly flip tops), no swapping of disks halfway through playing and internet play (with proper disk) = feckin priceless.

sorry, there really is only one route for ps2 modding. Get a HD.

p.s. 100 quid is a bit much to pay for a PS2, unless you get a good few games, memory cards and non "pro evo'd" pads etc with it....


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20 June 2004
490 Madison
all you need is the slide card and swap magic, you get them together for less than 20€

i use this combination for 2 or 3 years now, never had any problems with any pro evolution/winning eleven version or other games. but i only recommend swap magic for the old ps2-versions (not the slimline v12)
7 August 2004
yeah the hd set up sounds good. Although for the amount of games and time that ill still be playing ps2 its not worth it for me. Does save burning disks when testing patches and stuff.

Do you need a disk to load games or is that part of the xlink section?
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9 August 2004
I got a modded slimline PS2 which is ace. Came with 2 pads, memory card and about 30 games.

£100 from a thoroughly decent chapon rllmuk.com forums, so I'd say it was an ok price, if you want least ammount of hassle.


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18 June 2002
Bolton Wanderers
ive just got swap magic and am playing pes5 already! the tool you get is rubbish (mine broke)but you can make your own (i use a knife)and it is easy to do!
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