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lost my PES5 online password

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8 July 2005
Suomi Finland
ahh i managed to remember my password !!!! i dont know but somehow the game seems to be much better online now than it was before maybe because of LOD or maybe because i finally understood not to keep r1 or/and r2 on the bottom all the time :) phew but still no answer from konami for my password. i know i wont be the only one who losses his password. all i can say remember yours and if you dont dont count on konami to help even if its their game.


5 February 2006
I've just started it up for the first time, where do I actually get the password from?


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25 December 2005
Caracas - Venezuela
Manchester United
I am absolutely against bootlegging, so please don't do more damage to the record industry, games industry, etc. Thank you.
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