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Lost rating for thumping someone? :(


4 August 2003
Heading Shooto!

It dont really bother me this is my fun account; but I would like to have over 600 rating some day on one of my accounts :D

Played 2 really close games using smaller teams with these guys (they play 2 on one PC) but eventually I won them both 2-1

Then they picked barca so I picked real (never really played them before!)

I won the next game 8-0 (one of those games where everything goes right and you score every chance) and in the rematch I won a closer game 6-2. But my reward for this is to loose rating? And he gained 3 points for getting kaned as well! Is that really fair?


PES Enthusiast
3 July 2003
It is a cheat on there part. Me and Jonestm played some guy called Pro_6 and were Olympiakos and beat Chelsea 4-1 we lost points and it only counted as a draw.

As you can imagine we were FAR from happt


5 December 2004
It's not cheating.

The Online scoring system is incorrect, so if you don't change teams the game counts as a draw in the next game.


9 August 2003
Yep, I allready posted that. I played 3 games in a row wth the same guy and all of them I won....I got -7 points and 1 win and 2 losses....damn konami


4 February 2006
u have to choose play again with differrent team and choose the same team again
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