Madden 2006 on Xbox 2



Gamespot said:
Two days ahead of the official unveiling of the tentatively titled Madden Next Gen, we got to take a look at the commercial that will have sports gamers talking this coming Saturday. Scheduled to air during the first half hour of the 2005 NFL Draft, this 60-second commercial spot will be the public's first glimpse of EA Sports' biggest franchise, and indeed one of the most notable franchises in all of video games. While the producers of the game were careful to tell us that the footage we saw (the very same footage that will roll on Saturday) is not in-game--but rather, it's EA Sports artists' "target video" of what next-generation hardware will be capable of--they did claim the final product will actually be superior in quality to the footage in the commercial. Will this be the case? Only time will tell. For now, let's get to the nitty-gritty of the commercial's plot itself. Spoiler warning: If you want Saturday's airing of the next-generation Madden title to be your first exposure to the game, read no further.
looks nice . But doubt it will look Far superior ;)

On another note :)

Most think its the real thing . Top pic is obviously a mock up . But a good one none the less :) , second is a real photo

MTV commercial

Some of the building structures make me think the above mock up is pretty accurate to :)
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