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Manual Keeper


PES4 Pro Gamers Academy
2 January 2005
Hi , how many of you use Manual Keeper and do you think it has a significant advantage over using Auto Controlled Keeper.

Personaly I think Manual Keeper is better and in my opinion and experience I save a lot more efforts on my goal than I used to when I had Auto Keeper on.

So what's your thoughts people ?


League 1
12 October 2003
Groningen, Holland
Diving is still automatic. You only get to control the movement of the keeper. It takes a lot of practice. At first you will concede loads of extra goals. I think this could be made more effective in future versions of the game. I tried it for a while but it was a little too complicated for me. Getting an advantage out of it might surely be possible but you will really have to practice a lot.


PES4 Pro Gamers Academy
2 January 2005
Ive found that by pressing the Keeper Rush button when the ball is shot at the goal the keeper will make his dive much earlier than if it was controlled by the Automatic Keeper.

Certainly works for me anyway :D


Hala Madrid
20 February 2006
Real Madrid
I tried but what camera to use ??? I used the vertical long one but I needed to look at the radar if the ball was further than the penalty box

Oh yeah i used Verticle long - player
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