Master League - 5* or 6*?


6 December 2002
What does everyone think about 5* possibly being harder than 6*?

I'm playing as Liverpool - match mode roster - in my first 5* season, I just managed to win the title, v. close - in my second, 6*, I was way ahead of Chelsea at the top and won the WEFA cup pretty easily. It seems like it's far too easy to counterattack as the comp players overcommit...I'm thinking of switching back during the offseason.



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30 December 2001
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I have heard this from a few ppl but what i want to know is.
Is 5 harder because they just defend more and would this mean the computer will never score aggainst me so basically meaning its just harder for you to score.


6 December 2002
I guess it depends on how good you are but the comp did score a few against me on 5* - I lost quite a few points from draws and 1-0 defeats. Whereas on 6*, even if they score, you're guaranteed more goals if you can just counterattack quickly.

It affects the way you play - Cisse, with pretty low shot acc., was average on 5* but on 6* he was top scorer in the league as there were so many clear 1-on-1s, no pressure on him to shoot from an awkward angle.



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11 April 2005
5* is harder than 6* for some strange reason. On 5* they are not as attacking and it's more of a challenge, whereas on 6* I would win every game easily. I hardly conceded any goals, I play a very counter-attacking way and 6* is just no challenge as the cpu is just to gung-ho. Don't get me wrong they play well on 6* but they push forward to much and leave massive gaps.

This is the way I see it anyway, I think they really need to address this issue aswell. I would like the game to be harder and be able to learn my style of play to counter it.

Also I've never ever seen the cpu man mark one of my players. But I guess these things will be implemented with the new more powerful systems we'll be getting in the next 12 months. I'm so looking forward to the xbox 360 and the ps3, then we'll see all these things and more :D

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14 May 2003
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I'm sorry but 5* is easier than 6*, and I only know this because playing on the same team as my dad is like playing on the same team as a rather-crap-at-WE-playing chimp, and on 5* we've actually won five games out of twenty - on 6* we've won one (via the ball going through the goalkeepers HEAD).


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11 April 2005
Like I said it may just be harder cos of the way I play, but the cpu is definetly more gung-ho attacking on 6*, and this is suicide against my style of play. I can easily create gaps and pull defenders all over on 6*. Whereas on 5* they keep there shape alot more and I have to work alot harder. It's still to easy either way, but I get a tougher challenge when I play on 5*


15 April 2003
I've just reverted back to 5* recently too and noticed a considerable improvement. On 6*, I hadn't realised that it was the norm to have Figo and Ronaldo chasing you back when you attack straight back to their box. The defenders were worse. There was no standing off whatsoever, and as people have said it was so easy to just play a simple one-two and find yourself in acres of space.

With 5*, I've found the AI have become as intelligent as they can be in a WE game. The goalies are still piss and the defenders will create some of the worst errors but it's better than 6*. I would have hoped for some elements of the 6* attacking in 5* however, a mix of both levels to maxmise the AI. However I've found it much more fulfilling on 5* as of late, and maybe I'm just deluded but I'm enjoying the game more.


2 August 2004
What STR, Mattster said basically and everyone knows this.

On 6* the CPU becomes too attacking and attacks wiht 9 men sometimes leaving only 2 people back and leaves you with too much space and is too vulnerable if you can play good counter-attack style which most good PES players can.

That's why I go to 5*. On 5* I find I score less and concede more so it's defintely the best for me in terms of hardest and though it's not perfect like STR said it's the smartest the AI can be right now.


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29 July 2003
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maybe i will be bashed here...but in my opinion level 4* is the most dificcult to score...simply casue the AI doenst attack as much as 5* and 6*..they actually use too much of counterattack..
in level 5, the AI score more goals, but i can score twice more goals than when i play in 4*..usually my 4* games are really boring, 0x0, 1x0,and so level 5* i get better amount of goals, but i do get some pretty unrealistc results if i score first the AI will try to pressure me so much that i end up scoring 2 or 3 more goals in counterattack...
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