Master League confusion



Im playing in Master League right now. After a game I have to change the startingeleven because the players get so tired after a game. What is the secret to get the players fit enough to be able to play 2 games in a row?

Also under transferperiods, its IMPOSSIBLE to buy any player :( I was trying to buy a random player with a 59999 bid and failed. In PES5 I never had this problem so please help me out here guys :)


4 August 2005
i ahd this problem as well with only being able to play 1 match then rest, but at negotiations i got a few players that help i always go for the ones that want to come ie 2-3 stars, even if there 30 years old there good enough to get u into the top flight and at halfway threw ya first season in top flight u start gettin better players, u want to look for players with stamina over 85 if u want them the play 2 matches or more

hope this helps
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