Master League Crashing with SuperPatch



So, I've had the occasional crash in master league since installing the SuperPatch, but usually I can just uninstall Kitserver for the match and reinstall it afterward. However, when playing Tottenham in my Second Season, everytime I start the game (regardless of Kitserver being installed) the game crashes. I think it might have to do with a player that appears on their roster "Kruger" (Germany) who I cannot find anywhere in the game. Every player's appearance looks normal in edit mode and the only strange thing is that I can't find this player in edit mode. Any ideas on how to fix the problem?


No one with any idea on what the problem is?


25 November 2005
I have the same problem! everytime i am about to play tottenham in my 3rd season the game just stops and dissapears as the game is loading up. The game also dissapears occasionally when im browsing through the in game menus! any help would be apreciated!


11 February 2006
There are some players/teams with bugs.
as far as I know, there are:
1. Davids from Tottenham, delete his face and hair.
2. Sevilla, delete all their folders from the kitserver.

Works for me now =]
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